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Reasons to Consider Installing an Automatic Sliding Gate

Fences can be extremely helpful in keeping your property safe and secure by deterring potential trespassers. Installing a fence with an automatic sliding gate can have even further advantages.


A sliding gate typically opens after you have pressed the gate opener that is in your car or after it has sensed your arrival. After you have driven through, it will automatically close after you. This can be extremely convenient, since you won’t need to get out of the car to open and close the gate.


Furthermore, with an automatic sliding gate, you won’t need to worry about continuously closing and locking the gate to keep people out. This can increase the safety of your property. Automatic sliding gates also generally have better locks than other types of gates and fences.

More Room

Since sliding gates don’t open outwardly or inwardly, you normally won’t need to worry about leaving enough room for them to function. Instead, you may park your car right in front of the gate or even use the space around the gate to plant some flowers or place a beautiful statue or birdbath for decoration.
An automatic sliding gate can be a great addition to your property if you want an effective fence that uses up as little room as possible. Call Pioneer Fence of Greenville at 864-242-5786 to learn more about automatic sliding gates.

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