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Need a New Fence? Why You Should Go With Aluminum

Are you in the process of shopping for a fence to install around your home? If so, the process may feel overwhelming with all the options that are available to you. While many homeowners decide to go with a traditional wood or chain-link fence, you should also throw aluminum fencing into the mix for consideration. You may be surprised at the benefits it can provide when compared with other materials.


While the cost of a new fence consists of a combination of the cost of manual labor and the cost of materials, the materials do make up a large portion of that cost. You'll find that aluminum fencing will be an affordable alternative to the other materials out there.

For instance, wrought iron is a favored material among homeowners due to its beauty, but the material can be very expensive compared to other fencing materials available to you. Wood fencing may have a more affordable cost at the time of the installation, but many homeowners don't consider the cost of maintenance. It takes time and money to maintain a wood fence, which includes sanding, staining and painting it.

You'll find that aluminum is a material that is a balance between the initial cost and the maintenance. While an aluminum fence will cost more than wood when first installed, you'll save money over time with the lack of required maintenance.


You may be tempted by the more expensive wrought iron fence because you love the overall look of the fencing material. However, you might not be aware that aluminum is capable of simulating how a wrought iron fence looks. This allows you to save money since it is much cheaper to purchase aluminum fencing material.

An aluminum fence simulates the look of wrought iron in both the look and design of the material. You'll find that it has features like beveled rails and routed posts that make the material much stronger than standard aluminum.


Do you want a material that is built to last? This may be a problem if you select a cheaper fencing material. The problem with wood is that it requires maintenance to stay in shape. If ignored, the material can become discolored from exposure to the sun, start to warp or even become infested with pests.

While wrought iron is going to be much stronger than any other material, aluminum, provided it was manufactured properly, has the ability to keep up with the competing material. You should always get a good look at the actual aluminum fencing material before it is installed to inspect it. Look at the thickness of the aluminum and test it to see if it is easy to bend. While aluminum has the ability to last many years, be careful of manufacturers that may have cut corners to make a cheap product.

Environmental Concerns

Homeowners that are looking for a green fencing material can keep aluminum as a potential contender. With aluminum being manufactured in so many different ways, it is possible to purchase aluminum that is made from recycled material. This can be very appealing if you want to keep your home as green as possible, as you will not be wasting new resources when building your fence.

In addition, aluminum is highly recyclable. If you ever find yourself wanting to get rid of the aluminum fence and replace it with something else, know that the aluminum material can be reused instead of being thrown into a landfill.

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