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5 Reasons Why Western Red Cedar Is a Great Fencing Material

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If you drive down the street and look at wooden fences in your neighborhood, there's a good chance that many or most of them are made from western red cedar.
Because cedar is a soft wood from coniferous trees, it may not initially seem like the smartest choice for fencing. Wouldn't you want a more durable hardwood like oak or cherry? Not necessarily. Western red cedar makes a great fencing material for several reasons. Read on to learn more about why western red cedar is a popular fencing material.

1. Cedar Repels Termites

Termites are destructive little creatures. They can chew through a wooden structure, like a fence, in a period of months. Dampwood termites like moist wood immersed in soil, which is exactly what a fence becomes. 
Cedar, however, is far less appealing to termites than other woods. The oils in cedar are repelling to most insects, which is why cedar has long been used to make chests for protecting fabric from moths and insects.
Carpenter ants and wood bees, which can also build nests in wood and weaken it, are also less attracted to cedar than to other woods. You won't have to worry about spraying or painting on insecticides when you choose a cedar fence, which reduces your exposure to these chemicals and is also convenient.

2. Cedar Does Not Require Painting or Sealing

If you like the look of a painted fence, you can certainly paint a cedar fence once it has had a few weeks to weather. However, you can also leave the fence natural - without worrying about it decaying or rotting quickly. The natural oils in cedar cause it to break down very slowly. When it does break down, the outer layers peel off, exposing new, fresh wood - so your fence retains an attractive look rather than beginning to look rotten.
The grayish, beachy, natural look of cedar wood fencing coordinates well with both rustic and modern landscape designs. If you desire this look, cedar is really the only wood that allows you to achieve it.

3. Cedar Resists Bowing and Warping

Fence boards or panels need to be straight. Many woods absorb water, warp, and bow over time as the grain contracts and swells. Cedar is different. It has a very straight grain pattern and does not naturally absorb water. As a result, it remains straight and true. You don't have to worry about fence rails sagging or boards bowing away from each other and creating gaps in the fence. 

4. Cedar Is Abundant

Western red cedar grows abundantly throughout the western United States. It's easy to obtain, and because cedar trees grow relatively quickly, it is easy to grow and replace. You won't have to spend a fortune or visit a specialty lumber shop for wood if your fence ever needs repairs. Furthermore, cedar is often seen as an eco-friendly choice because the trees grow quickly.

5. Cedar Is Lightweight

Building a fence is hard work, and it's even harder when you use a heavy wood. Cedar is one of the lightest durable woods available, which makes it easier to work with. As a result, it takes your fence company less time to install a cedar fence, and they are able to assemble it with more precision because they're not struggling to support the heavy fence rails.
If you'd like to have a new wooden fence built on your property, then western red cedar is an excellent choice. Contact Pioneer Fence of Greenville to learn more about our cedar fences. We offer dog-eared picket, reverse scalloped, shadowbox, lattice, and a wide range of other fence styles to suit your needs.
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