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5 Reasons to Choose Stain for Your Wood Fence

Close Up Wooden Fence
The installation of a fence can transform a yard. A fence creates privacy while also defining a specific area. Wood fences are popular because they work well with any style of home, but the wood needs protection from the elements. Here are some of the reasons to choose stain to provide that protection.
1. Blends into Environment
Stain helps to preserve the look of wood, so it can easily blend into the natural surroundings. The color changes from the stain are enough to make the wood stand out, but it will do so much more subtly than if the wood was painted. Stained wood complements any home, whether it has vinyl siding, brick or stone, or even log or wood shingle exteriors.
2. Enhances the Beauty
One of the most desirable features of wood is its grain. Every board has a slightly different pattern that makes it unique from all others. Stain helps the lines, swirls, and knots to stand out better so the beauty of the material is obvious from any distance.
Pine and cedar are the most common types of wood used in fencing. The benefit of these materials is that both have an abundant amount of grain. Each species absorbs stain easily and looks beautiful once the work is complete.
3. Ages Gently
As paint ages, it chips, peels, and cracks. It is obvious from a distance when a painted item needs work. Stain does not age in this manner. The product begins to wear away over time without any obvious damage.
4. Reduces Maintenance Effort
Both stain and paint will last for several years if high-quality materials were used and applied as recommended by the manufacturer. A clear coat should go over a stained fence about once a year for protection. The annual staining may make it seem as if this is a more intensive process than painting, but that is not the case. Stain applies easily and needs only one coat at a time, not including the initial double-coat applied after installation.
Paint may last for years, but if any area receives damage in the form of cracking or a scrape or dent, the wood will be vulnerable to water or sun damage. Also all old paint must be scraped away before a new coat of primer, and then at least one coat of paint is used, which creates extra steps. Stain reapplies directly over the old stain without any worries about scraping or the buildup of the layers over time.     
5. Protects Wood
Paint and stain both help to protect the wood. The products stop the wood from absorbing water so it will not warp, swell, or split. Each shields the wood from the UV rays of the sun to prevent fading. Wood rot and pest infestation are other concerns that a layer of paint and stain can help to avoid.
The added benefit of stain is that it absorbs into the wood, so it offers a deeper layer of protection. Even as the stain begins to wear away from the surface, the stain absorbed into the material supplies some protection. Paint can only form an external layer. That is why it peels and flakes as it begins to age, and it leaves the wood bare and vulnerable when it falls off.   
At Pioneer Fence of Greenville, we can help you to choose the size and style of fence that will enhance your yard and give you the privacy and protection you need. Our pressure treated material gives you time to decide the finish that you prefer to keep it looking its best. Contact us to see all the fence options we have available or to request a free quote.
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