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4 Benefits of Wood Fencing for Horses

Horse Behind The Wood Fence
Whether you operate a large-scale horse boarding and training facility or if you just have a couple of horses in your backyard, fencing is a necessity. Electric wire fencing is popular among many horse enthusiasts, but wood fencing is a better choice for many. These are a few top benefits of using wood fencing for keeping horses.
1. It's More Attractive
The horses might not care about the appearance of your property, but other people do. If you keep horses in your backyard, you might be hoping to do so in a way that doesn't negatively impact the curb appeal of your property too much. If you operate a horse-related business, then maintaining an attractive and professional look is probably very important to you.
In either scenario, you might find that wooden fencing helps you achieve your goal. Whether you go for a clean and modern look or a more rustic look, wooden fencing is often very attractive.
2. It Doesn't Need Repairs as Frequently
Once your fencing is put up, you probably don't want to have to worry about repairs very often. Electric wire fencing can be flimsy, though. Thin wire can break easily. Also, if a tree limb falls on an electric wire fence or if a horse presses its weight against it, the entire wire can fall down. If grass or weeds grow and touch the fence, they could cause it to short out.
These issues have to be remedied quickly if you want to prevent your horses from getting loose. This means that you have to check your fences over regularly, and you might find yourself taking time out of your busy day to make repairs more frequently than you would like.
Of course, wooden fences do need maintenance, too. They need to be cleaned, and occasionally, they may need to be painted or stained. However, on a day-to-day basis, you should not have to worry about the same repair issues or maintenance tasks that you might have to take care of with an electric wire horse fence.
3. It's Much Safer for Horses
One of the main points of having fencing put up for your horses is so that you can keep them safe. However, if you aren't careful, the fencing that you install could actually cause serious injury for your horses.
If a horse does not see electric fencing and does not know that it's there, it might run right into the fencing. This can cause serious injury. If the electric wiring falls down, you also have to worry about your horses getting their legs and bodies tangled up in the fencing. This could cause a horse to break a leg, fall or otherwise be injured.
Wooden fencing, on the other hand, is much safer, so there is much less of a chance of injury.
4. It Works Without Electricity
Lastly, consider the fact that electric wire fencing is not going to work if you don't have a hot box plugged into an electrical outlet. If you have a large piece of property, you might be hoping to install fencing in areas where you don't have any electrical outlets. This is difficult to do with electric wire fencing.
Additionally, if the power goes out in your area, you have to worry about your horses potentially getting out of an electric wire fence.
Of course, many horse enthusiasts choose electric wire fencing for keeping their horses, and it does have some benefits. Overall, though, wooden fencing is typically a better choice. Contact us at Pioneer Fence of Greenville, and we can talk to you about the benefits of wooden fencing and can help with installing it for your horses.
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