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4 Automated Gate Features Ideal for Long Driveways

Having a long driveway on your home comes with a lot of different pros and cons. The long driveway area provides your home with extra privacy from the main road you live on, but the extension of the driveway may make it harder to cover all of your security needs.

Installation of an automated gate at the edge of your driveway offers extra security and protection for your home. Children can play in the driveway, and you can feel secure knowing that unknown vehicles will not be traveling down your private drive.

Along with the gate itself, there are features you can choose to have installed that benefit a long driveway. Knowing these features will help you make the best decisions when selecting options for your driveway gate installation.

1. Wireless Phone Communications

If you're awaiting the arrival of someone to your home, it can be a pain to go all the way down the driveway, confirm who the person is, and then open the gate. One way to make the gate operation easier is through the installation of a wireless phone communication device.

A keypad speaker system is installed on the outside of the gate, and the receiving speaker is placed in a location inside your home. When someone wants to get in the driveway, they can use the wireless phone to speak to you and confirm who they are.

Hearing a voice makes the security process a lot easier than trying to look down a long driveway to recognize a vehicle. The wireless phone operation also eliminates the need for any type of extended wire installation from the gate all the way to your home.

2. Driveway Sensors

Before a gate is buzzed or opened, you can receive an alert that a vehicle or person is approaching. The outside of driveway gates are equipped with safety sensors and exit sensors. These sensors prevent the gate from hitting a vehicle, and they also alert homeowners when objects are located close to the gated area.

These sensor signals can make you aware if someone is climbing on the gate, leaning on the gate, or putting a vehicle too close to it. Along with human interaction, the sensors may go off if animals are near the gate. Hearing these sensors can give you a heads up and help prevent any issues.

3. Mail Drop Box

When a gate system is being installed at the end of a driveway, a mail drop box can be installed within. Instead of going all the way to the gate any time a delivery comes, the mail drop box can be safely used to protect letters and packages.

Leaving a mailbox on the outside of a long driveway can leave your items vulnerable. Adding the drop box and gate is just an extra security measure to ensure no one steals your items after they have been dropped off. When leaving or arriving at home, it's easy to stop by the drop box and pick up all your mail deliveries.

4. Sliding Gates

One of the options you have with a long driveway is the installation of a sliding gate. Sliding gates do not open outward, so you can pull close up to them and get out of the driveway a little faster.

After having to travel down the whole driveway, you do not want to have to wait for the gate to slowly open or ensure you are not too close to a gate as it swings open. A sliding gate eliminates any of these issues and makes the whole enter-and-exit process a lot easier.

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